New hope arises for motocross in Neeroeteren

Motocross tracks in Belgium have taken some big hits over the years. One closing after the other, with only 7 tracks left open for practice. Even Neeroeteren, the hometown track of Stefan Everts, was closed a couple of years back. Now there is a new spark of hope that it could be reopened.

The motocross was part of a Nature Project called "Duingordel". A couple of years ago, project developers entered the motocross terrain by full into their plans for a nature reserve. This while some preliminary studies already showed that the location was of no use to the nature reserve. The city council of Maaseik approved the plans, but when the plans were presented last year, they wanted a paragraph concerning motorized sports in the region added to the plans.

Ever since, there had been uncertainty about the project perimeters of the "Duingordel". Now the "Kiezelgroeve" (the motocross terrain) has been discarded from the plans.For Motorsport enthusiasts "Red de Motorcross" this is another step in the right direction. The track is far from being opened again, but hope grows bigger as the Motocross Club already won a lawsuit in September.

Be sure to support "Red de Motocross", to help the survival of motocross in Belgium.


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